Trailers for Sale in Fayetteville TN

Phone:(931) 433-6930
1227 Huntsville Hwy.
Fayetteville TN. 37334

Meet the Staff


Bill Shelton

Owner, grandfather, cattle farmer

Robin Shelton

Owner's boss, grandmother, chicken farmer.

Larry Britton

Welder/fabricator, father of 3, honeybee lover. 

Dennis Helton

Truck driver, grandfather, river rat 

Terra Cutrer

Marketing, wife, avid angler 

Eddie (Beaver) Thornton

Shop employee and rental equipment maintainee, Cattle Farmer, Professional Sleeper

Jason (Chuck) Moorehead

welder/fabricator, vehicle enthusiast, music lover

Miss Tosh and Buddy

Shop dogs, Miss Tosh enjoys basking in the sun, Buddy enjoys annoying Miss Tosh and searching for snacks. Both also enjoy napping.

Russ Blackburn

Shop employee, stubborn, doesn't like to have picture taken